3 Creative Solutions For Properly Storing Your Pool Toys Until Next Summer

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At the beginning of the summer, you may have started with a couple of noodles and floats, but you've now accumulated a dozen of each. Where in the world will you put all those pool toys? As the warmer weather slowly disappears, you will need to find a way store your pool toys until it is time to start splashing again. Here are three ideas to help eliminate the clutter and keep your pool essentials safe until you need them again:

1. Tuck Away Your Items in Sturdy Storage Bins.

Storage bins are an excellent way to store your pool items throughout the winter season. These can be placed in your garage, in your shed or even on the deck. There are many different options for these bins, including noodle caddies, deck boxes and storage benches. If you are handy enough, you could build your own.

These can also come in handy during season to hold your loose toys when a storm flies in. It isn't uncommon for toys to make their way into your neighbors' yards or to come up missing entirely.

2. Hang Your Toys on Racks or Hooks.

Another option is to simply hang your toys. You can use loose netting and bungee cords to create pockets against the walls or from the ceiling to store pool toys in. Larger toys can be placed in nylon laundry bags that are hanging off of a hook on the wall. You could even build your own basket with PVC pipes so that you can create the exact amount of storage that you need. You can incorporate netting into this, if you'd like.

Hanging your toys on racks and hooks works particularly well during the summer and can be done on the deck. When it comes to winter, though, it is best to move your hooks and racks inside the shed or garage. In any season, this option saves space and offers a well-organized storage solution.

3. Consider Renting a Self-Storage Unit.

When you don't have room in the garage or don't have a shed, you may want to consider a self-storage unit. In many cases, this may actually be the best option since it will keep your pool toys out of harm's way throughout the winter. Your belongings will be completely safe and secure, yet close enough if you need to get them out for a vacation to a warmer climate or on a warm day that you weren't expecting to occur. Plus, you can throw your outdoor patio furniture into the storage unit with your summer pool toys.

If you have pool toys and other summer equipment or items that you would like to store securely and safely until next summer, take the time to call around to local self-storage facilities to obtain quotes and to become familiar with all of your storage options. 

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