How To Attract More Customers To Your Storage Units

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Owning a storage unit facility can mean large revenue for your business, but only if you attract customers. The odds are in your favor- nearly 10% of the American population has rented or is currently renting a storage unit, so you are in a service that people need. Here are ways to attract more customers to your storage units so you can hit full capacity for most months of the year.

Know when to advertise

Talk to a local real estate agent or your city's office to see if you can grab statistics for when people move into or out of your area the most. This is when customers are most likely to look for a storage unit to handle their belongings while they are in transition from one location to another. If you live in a college town, the times when people move the most are during the summer months, when school has just ended or when a new semester is beginning. If you can anticipate when people need storage units, you can advertise your business and any specials you may have heavily during these times.

Give your location a makeover

Customers are attracted to clean, fresh storage units with security. If your units haven't been painted in a while, give them a fresh coat. Hire a landscaper to pull all weeds and install new gravel in the lot. Install a commercial fence around your storage unit property that has a key coded entry to allow customers to feel safer using your services over competitors. If you notice a competitor who always has their units full, take a tour of their facility and see what makes their building look so attractive. If your building is lacking, make changes so you can draw customers.

Know your price points

You need to know what the average market is for your area in order to charge a fair price to your customers. By contacting other local storage unit facilities, you can average out the best price to offer your own clientele. Keep in mind that if you charge too little for your services you will be unable to do certain promotions, such as offering customers a first month free on their rent, a referral special, or other kinds of deals, and will have to promote your low prices on their own. If you make your costs competitive, however, you will have a large enough profit margin to announce periodical specials to gain new customer interest.

Owning a storage unit facility requires you to attract new customers now and then. In doing so you can help your units be at full capacity more frequently during the year. These tips can help you can more clients to your business, even if there are other storage unit facilities, like Controlled Storage Systems, in your area.