4 Fun Tips for Helping to Reduce the Anxiety in Your Children

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The move has been imminent. You've done plenty of planning, but now it is time to get to packing and get your move on. However, if the whole family is a bit nervous about the situation, here are a few tips to help put the children's minds at ease.

1. Let Your Child Pack a Fun Box.

Just as you need to pack an essentials box for when you first arrive at the new home, your child needs a fun box. Let your child pick their favorite toys and put them all in one box that they can open at the new home. This can include anything from blankies and pajamas to coloring books and building blocks. It will help make things easier when your family first arrives at the new place, especially since your child will likely feel overwhelmed upon arrival.

2. Sing and Dance While Packing.

Music is a wonderful way to relax, and it is also a great way to have some fun. This is especially true if you incorporate some dancing. Put on some of your child's favorite music and pack a few boxes as a family. Sing along to the music to make the process even more enjoyable. If you have more than one child, let them take turns selecting the song to play so that they all feel a part of the fun.

3. Hide Some Fun Prizes.

If you're letting your kids help you pack, which is definitely a good thing to help keep their minds off of things and to feel helpful, consider placing a few small surprises throughout the rooms that they are packing. You can inform them of your game or let them locate them on their own. Either way, it will help make packing more fun and possibly even help speed things up since they know they have surprises waiting on them. You can also place some surprises in their boxes so that when they arrive at the new home they'll open up boxes to see a nice little surprise on top.

4. Reward Your Children for Their Much-Needed Help.

At the end of the day, your children want to feel like they helped. To show them that they did, consider rewarding them with something special. You may want to take them to their favorite restaurant to eat, buy them a brand new toy, or have a family movie night.

You may want to pack up the house as a family to keep the kids involved and active so that their minds don't wander to what is going on, but the actual moving part can be a lot more stressful and overwhelming, especially with kids around. Therefore, if you need help moving, make sure to consult with a professional moving company like Bekins Van Lines Inc.