Use These 3 Tips When Moving To A Smaller Living Space

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If you live in a house right now and are moving into an apartment, you may feel overwhelmed. You may wonder how you're going to fit all of your things into a smaller space. However, if you use the tips below, you can do so more easily.

Measure Rooms in Your New Apartment

There is nothing worse than taking the time to move your bedroom furniture to your new apartment and realizing that it won't fit into your bedroom. Before you move furniture and other big items to your new place, make sure you measure the space first. That way you can be sure that everything you bring with you will fit properly.

Think About Storage in Your New Home

Before even moving into your apartment, start thinking about how you will store items so that your apartment doesn't seem cluttered and overpacked. For example, consider floor-to-ceiling shelves for you to put your things on, or invest in ottomans and other storage items that can do double duty. When you figure out how you may be able to store things, you may not have to part with as many of your belongings as you expected.

Determine What You Will Take

A few weeks before you are set to move, go through your home and figure out what you'd like to get rid of. Ask friends and family if they want specific items in your home, and consider having a yard sale to get things out of your house right away. Whatever isn't sold in the yard sale can be donated to local thrift stores; that way, once you move things out of your house, you never have to bring them in again.

After your home is cleared out, you can make a plan for the rest of your belongings and start packing them up. If you just can't part with some of your things, renting self storage units might be a good idea for you. You can store your belongings there and visit the unit periodically to get anything you need.

If you find that over time you aren't going to the storage unit at all, you may ultimately be able to part with the items in the unit and sell them.

Now that you have some ideas for how to make things easier when downsizing your living space, try the the tips laid out above. Enlist the help of reputable moving and storage companies to make your move go smoothly.