Three Ways to Cut Down On Your Storage Unit Bill

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If you find that you have too many items stored in your home, it might be time to join the many American households that rent space at a self storage facility. Whether you rent a small or large space, you'll be able to reduce the clutter in your home, clear out your garage or basement, and breathe easier knowing that your home is better organized. If you're concerned about the monthly fee of renting a storage unit, don't let this concern be an obstacle. There are a variety of ways that you can reduce the amount you pay for your storage unit.

Sell What You Don't Want to Keep

Before you begin loading boxes and transporting your seldom-used possessions to their new home, give serious consideration to the items you don't realistically think you'll use again. Although parting with personal possessions can be difficult, holding a garage sale has a dual benefit. First, it can raise a significant amount of money that you can then put toward the monthly rental of your storage unit. Additionally, reducing the volume of the products that you'd otherwise be storing can often allow you to rent a smaller, lower-priced space at the storage facility.

Loan Other Items

If you can't bring yourself to permanently get rid of your possessions through a sale, consider loaning some of your things to reduce the amount of items that you need to store. If you focus on the larger items, such as furniture, you can often drastically reduce the amount of things you need to store at the facility, which results in the ability to rent a smaller unit and save money. There are often many opportunities to lend items within your family and circle of friends. Think of people who are renting their first apartment or going away to school, for example. You'll be helping them and they'll be helping you.

Seek a Partner

Given the proliferation of American families that use self storage facilities, it's often easy to find someone within your network of contacts who has a desire to rent a storage unit. If you can find someone who would serve as a good partner, you can rent a larger unit and split the bill, which can often translate into you paying less money than you would for renting a smaller space. While effective, this strategy is best to reserve for people you can trust.

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