Tips For Moving A Piano Outdoors For A Wedding Reception

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Music is a must for any wedding reception. If your dream is of an outdoor garden reception complete with soft piano music in the background, then it may seem simple to just move the instrument from its safe place in the house to the necessary spot on your property. Unfortunately, pianos can be finicky instruments. If you want to be sure that your piano is both undamaged and sounding its best, read through the following tips before your big day.

Tip #1: Skip the grass

Moisture in the grass can damage the wood of the piano legs. A less obvious danger, though, is that the weight of the piano can cause it to set unevenly on wet ground. This can affect the sound and may even cause components to warp. Fortunately, you can rent movable flooring panels from party rental companies. One of these is the perfect surface to set the piano upon.

Tip #2: Let it acclimate

Changes in relative humidity cause the soundboard in the piano to swell or shrink. This affects the sound of the piano and requires special tuning. Bring the piano outside the day before the wedding so the soundboard acclimates to the humidity level. Then, have the piano tuned the morning of your event so it will be set to the current condition of the soundboard.

Tip #3: Put it under cover

Moisture from above and sunlight can both wreak havoc on your piano. The problem is, you may need to move the piano outdoors to acclimate before your event tent is delivered. If this is the case, then invest in a small pop-up canopy, such as the type used at festivals. Place this over the piano to protect it in the interim. Don't forget to stake it down. If rain is in the forecast, choose a canopy with walls or hang tarps around the edges to keep the moisture out.

Tip #4: Don't move it yourself

It may be tempting to try and cut wedding costs by recruiting a few friends to help you move the piano, but this is a bad idea. Pianos are heavy and awkwardly shaped. They are also finely tuned instruments that require great care to transport. Instead, talk to a piano moving company like Caccamise Moving & Storage Co. Ask about packages that will include not just moving the piano outside and then back into the house after your wedding, but also tuning the piano both before and after the event. Many movers also offer tuning services, so you may be able to save by combining everything together.